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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Home Parties with My Mom

One of the main reasons I enjoy being a consultant is the fun I have with my mom. She's supported me by hostessing home parties. It's given me the chance to learn about her entertaining style and get to know her collection (that she had prior to me becoming a consultant). She's taught me tips on how to be a great hostess. I've also gotten to know her friends through our home parties.

my mom's holiday baskets

We kept our refreshments simple with just a bar cookie and some punch, then had some other holiday snacks on a buffet near the table where we were gathering.

getting to know my mom's friends through Longaberger

my own current samples

Who have you found to be the biggest supporter of your business--family, friends, or otherwise strangers?

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Versatile Mixing Bowls

My mom uses her set of mixing bowls to make a great punch bowl set, simply by inverting the medium mixing bowl and using it as a base, setting the largest mixing bowl atop for the punch bowl. She places liquid (water or 7-up, depending on the drink she's serving) and fruit in the smallest mixing bowl and freezes it to make an ice ring that floats in the punch bowl for added color too. Her everyday spoon rest holds the punch ladel and keeps everything tidy.
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