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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easy Hostess Gift

I love to give my hostesses a prize to raffle off as an attendance incentive for home parties. An easy and free way to do this is to get Longaberger books off of Paperback Swap.

I also use this to donate to charities and events for raffle prizes. I always stick a catalog and business card inside the flyleaf of the book, so the recipient will be able to contact me for further info, even if I don't get to meet them directly at the event.

It's a great way to introduce the company and our image to new customers. And the "Entertaining with Longaberger" book is my favorite because it has so many concrete suggestions for using Longaberger products, as well as recipes that will appeal to anyone regardless.

What are your favorite giveaways or prizes?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Pineapple Bake in Pink Woven Traditions

Thanks to consultant Alicia McCallister in Baltimore, MD for sharing this great photo of her Easter Pineapple Bake. It looks so yummy and enticing in the Pink Bakeware that it inspired me to look up a similar recipe. I found this heart-healthy version on AllRecipes that prints out on 4x6 recipe cards. I'll be trying this soon!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Longaberger Flickr Group

I started a group on Flickr called "Loving Longaberger" as an open photo pool and discussion group for collectors, fans, and consultants of Longaberger Baskets, Pottery, and Wrought Iron products.

It's a public group.
  • Accepted media types:
    • Photos
    • Video
  • Accepted content types:
    • Photos / Videos
    • Screenshots / Screencasts
    • Illustration/Art / Animation/CGI
  • Accepted safety levels:
    • Safe
I'm new to many media, so I'm interested to see how popular this particular site is. Please join in and contribute to the discussion as well as photos!

Friday, April 22, 2011

A Longaberger Bridal Expo

Did you know Longaberger has a Bridal Registry? I recently participated in my first Bridal Expo. I wanted to share the experience and get some feedback on how to make my next one even better.

My expo was staged by the restaurant Maggiano's at the Grove on Fairfax and 3rd, as a way to showcase their banquet facilities for use in weddings and rehearsal dinners. There were about 20 diffferent vendors, ranging from photographers, to cake designers, to calligraphers, and even a chocolate fountain rental company! I felt like my products fit right in.

I brought a sampling of everything from my home to showcase the different lines available through Longaberger, including pottery, and signature, sports, and holiday themed baskets. I included popular bridal gifts such as the recipe and kleenex baskets.

I featured the current catalog and flyers prominently, and handed out both catalogs and business cards. I always forget at events such as this to put out a sign-up sheet to be added to my mailing list. Next time I'll include that as well.

With my brand-new Mac computer, I was able to show my website, the current online catalog, and exactly how a bridal registry worked. I also had a tab open to showcase the current month's special offer--the 2011 Mother's Day Basket.

What makes the most appealing display for an event catered to brides? Do you try to spotlight only one basket collection, or would you try to include a sampling of everything, as I did?

How do you determine which events to participate in? Do you find only events which require hefty vendor fees are worth your time, or do you forgo those? Please feel free to leave a comment with your advice!

Longaberger Consultants: You'll Love VistaPrint!

I used a site called Vista Print to design my car door magnets and business card holders. Those two elements are the prime ways I promote my business, along with a facebook presence.

I designed mailing labels through Vista Print that have only my name, Longaberger consultant number, phone number and email. These I affix to every piece of literature, from catalogs to flyers, so that my contact info is easily accessible. I also stick them onto the bottom of products before I distribute an order. That way, if later a replacement item is necessary, the customer will remember me and be able to find me.

Vista Print offers many types of free business cards (just pay shipping) to get you in the door, then tries to "upsell" other products to you. I just go through the process for only what I need.

I also designed and ordered a metal sign, much like those used by realtors, to mark the house of my Longaberger party hostess on days of our event. It makes it easy for guests to find the party, and may even spread the word to other interested neighbors who might not have been invited.
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