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Friday, October 22, 2010

Holiday Boutiques

Immediately after signing up as a Longaberger consultant, I spent a lot of time searching for holiday boutiques and fairs to participate in to spread the word about my new business. One of the first events I took part in was the Mabel Mosler Auxilliary Holiday Boutique on October 10th. I was hoping to hand out a lot of business cards and catalogs. My goal was to find customers, book some home parties, and enroll people in my mailing list.

I had ordered samples but hadn't yet recieved them, so I took all the Longaberger I already owned and created a display with the mostly vintage items. I even took my 1985 Pie Basket that I've inherited from my Grandma Rosentreter. My aunt had been a Longaberger consultant in the 1980s, and grandma probably bought it to support her. It's really fun to see Longaberger continuing through the generations.

I garnered a lot of interest at the fair but found that following up with people was difficult, especially during the holiday season. Impulse buys need to be placed at the moment, so I'll consider cash-and-carry next year; parties are hard to schedule around Thanksgiving and Christmas.

What has your experience been with these type of events? Please leave me a comment with your suggestions!
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