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Monday, September 19, 2011

My Longaberger Cake Basket in Action

I wrote about my experience in KCRW's 3rd Annual Good Food Pie Contest on my personal blog, but I wanted to highlight my Longaberger pottery and baskets that I used in my presentation.

I love the sage green cake basket that I got last fall, but don't have occasion to use it often. It definitely came in handy on this day! Underneath the riser I had my apron for the Apron Fashion Show, as well as a book to keep me busy in between check-in and the competition itself. It was so easy having everything right at hand!

I've been collecting the Traditional Holly pottery for under a year, and am finally acquiring some major pieces, thanks to the spring sale bringing back retired pottery. I was glad to have Grandma Bonnie's Pie Plate for this year's competition. I think the bright red filling was shown off well by the ivory and holly pottery.

After the contest, the Good Food Blog featured an article on pie transporters. While they mentioned baskets, they didn't use any brands. Of course I left a comment on the post as a testimonial to my love of Longaberger!

What's your favorite basket to transport baked goods? Please leave a comment below.

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